Artist in Residence på IONE's Annual Dream Festival 2015

I en uke i november 2015 var jeg artist in residence på IONE’s Annual Dream Festival

Sammen med

Kristin Norderval
HLM Productions

Elisabeth Færøy Lund

About us:
Kristin Norderval (composer, singer), Helle Moum (choreographer, producer) and Elisabeth Lund (performance artist, visual artist) have worked together on various multidisciplinary art projects in Oslo and
New York

The first time we worked as a trio was when we, as part of a Deep Listening Retreat with Pauline Oliveros, Ione and Heloise Gold in Norway June 2015, formed the dream-pod named pod-dot-org.

“The goal of our residency is to practice inner freedom of expression and overcome internal hindrances and blocks to action.
We will do this by having fun in the unknown, expanding our conceptions of how we can influence our environment, and relinquishing attempts to control things that are truly beyond our control.”